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Lori or the Tashir Region of the Gugarats world includes Plateau of Lori and the valley of the Debed River. The Virahayots mountain range borders it in the north, the Bazum mountains in the south, Javakhk in the west, and Gugarats range in the east.

At first, Lori was the name given to the citadel on the left bank of the Dzoraget river built by David The Landless, King of the Kyurikyan kingdom in the 11th century, which in 1056 became the capita. Later, the name Lori spread off on the entire region.

Dsegh is situated in the south-eastern part of Lori, on the right high bank of the river Debed. The name Dsegh is mentioned for the first time in the middle of the 15th century by Catholicos Hakob Ssetsi (1404-1411). There are two etymological explanations of the name:

a/ Dsegh means an outside place, a location that is away from the village b/ According to legend, in order to make a distinction between the village located on the plateau from other villages located in the gorge, the higher village was named the ‘Outside place’. Lori has a mild climate and is rich in diverse flora and fauna.