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History of the Museum

The month of April in 1953 marked the opening of the museum dedicated to renowned prominent thinker, writer, poet, fabulist and humanist Hovhannes Toumanian, with a total of 18000 exhibited items.
On the second floor of the museum, one can find six rooms that represent with perfect detail the reproduction of Hovhannes Toumanian’s last apartment in Tiflis. Also on the same floor, Toumanian’s personal collection of exceptional and multi-themed books, which numbers close to 8000, is represented in a different room and is considered one of the major valuables of the museum.
The themes related to the writer’s life in regards to his civic activism and his activities, be they in the form of photographs, letters, documents, handwritings, as well as illustrations of characters and events from his stories and fables, are exhibited in a chronological order on the first floor, from which starts the visitor’s introduction to the museum.
The replica of the “Vernatoun” (Garret) of Tiflis leaves a symbolical impression. It seems that right now, wherever they are, the intellectuals of the Armenian people of the late 19th and early 20th century, the likes of Gh. Aghayan, L. Shant, D. Dermirchyan, Komitas, Bashinjaghyan, Isahakyan, are going to show up in this exact replica, lead of course by Toumanian himself, and the endless vibrant discussions will restart. The museum is also rich with artistic masterpieces that used to decorate Toumanian’s apartment during his lifetime (most notable works are those of G. Bashinjaghyan and P. Terlemezian), and also with newer works that were influenced by the writer’s life and creations (M. Saryan, G. Khanjyan, Al. Grigoryan and others).
One of the remarkable spaces of the museum is the landscape entitled “the valley of Lori”, which is accompanied by the introduction of the “Anush” opera, transporting the visitor to one of the most beautiful locations of Northern Armenia.
There is a wide and luminous hall on the second that is anticipated for temporary exhibitions, cultural events and live presentations. The winter park is a unique exhibition of Toumanian-themed sculptures.
The inner park is filled with Toumanian’s beloved fruit trees and flowers with a small fountain.
The 54 steps leading up to the entrance of the museum symbolize the lifetime spent of the great Armenian.

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